How to join as a Fox?

Really easy. Be a Fox.

If you apply as an Air Traffic Controller, Pilot, Dispatcher, FBO, Handler, Authority Official, or a similar professional function, you’re very likely to be approved by Fox Command without delay. Using your work address will help speed up approval. Fox Command will keep all your information top secret, but we do need to know who you are.

What do I get?

You’ll get a Members Handbook once you are approved, telling you more. Once you start reporting, you will get Fox Points for each report you file, as well having each report reviewed by Fox Command and given a rating – so you can learn what’s useful, and get more points. Use these to increase your ranking in the community – be a Top Fox.

What should I report, as a fox?

Three simple rules. Report on critical stuff, keep it short, and write in your own words. And before you post, make sure you’ve read the Reporting Cheatsheet

Then, File a Report.

What are the categories that I should use?

OpsFox has figured out 18 useful categories of information. You’ll see these in the drop down when you make a report.

Icon Name What goes here?
Airport Change to airport hours, availability or status
Runway  Change to availability or status, where impact is significant
Fuel  Shortage, supply issue
Delays  Enroute or Airport delays
Parking  Lack of, change to procedures
ATC  Change to ATC procedures, facilities, contacts
Airspace  Changes affecting FIR, country airspace, equipment requirements, large closures
Procedure  Non-ATC or equipment related new rules, procedures affecting Airport or Airspace
Permit  Change to Overflight/Landing Permit procedures, contacts
Risk  Specific Safety or Security risk specific to an airport or airspace
Hazard  Any obstacle, condition or circumstance which could induce an accident
Security  Broader political and travel advice without a specific risk, so far, to aviation.
Nature  Earthquake, Volcano, Flooding, Fire that has affected airport operations
Severe Wx  Hurricanes, Large squall/CB lines, Tornadoes, Snowstorms with unusually large impact on ops
Strike  Strikes or potential strikes with impact on flight ops
Event  Airshows, Conferences, Special Events affecting Airport operations
Costs  Price rises, rip-offs
Politics  Diplomatic disputes, government policy affecting flight operations

What does OPSFOX dislike ?

The NOTAM system is full of irrelevant information about Grass cutting, Military activity, Bird, Distant obstacles, Men working, Fireworks, Trigger Notams, Chart Changes, Unlighted towers, Broken bulbs. Key point: If we stuff the system full of every possible bit of information, we don’t see the CRITICAL items.

OK, I'm taking notes. What have you got?
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