OpsFox – the solution

OpsFox was born in the long grass by the runway at a large international airport.

Growing up, his playtime was constantly interrupted by grass-cutting. One day, an older, wiser fox told him of a mysterious news service that would tell in advance of this danger.

Ops Fox was perplexed. “Why do pilots care about these small obstacles, and grass cutting, and foxes, and birds?”

After years of sly observation, the foxes knew much about airport ops.

They also realised that they knew far more about what was happening at the airport than this Notam System reported. The really important stuff – like handling strikes, price hikes, dangerous procedures, big airport closures, rip-off charges, security threats, airport issues, civil unrest, ATC problems – was mostly missing from Notams, or impossible to find because of all the wildlife and obstacle items.

Fox 1 now knew his mission. He would lead a team of foxes, and tell the pilots what they really needed to know.

OpsFox – the Spy Network

– and the community solution to Notams

The only way to fix the Notam Problem is to change the system.

To a community system. Where every Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Dispatcher, Handler, and CAA is able to be vetted and become a fox, adding categorized reports, based on what they see and know at their home base or visited airport.

Established foxes can report directly into the system, and others are curated by Fox Control.

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